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The Good Thymes – Wild Zaatar mix with olive oil

20.00 USD
Spreading za’atar adds dimension to almost any sandwich and dish. But, when your favorite za’atar is mixed with wild pine

The Good Thymes – Classic Zaatar

8.00 USD
A classic traditional blend of aromatic and earthy za’atar, tart sumac, and crunchy roasted sesame seeds. Handmade à la Lebanese

The Good Thymes – Sea salt with Zaatar and spices

4.00 USD
If you appreciate your za’atar on the hot and spicy side, this one’s definitely for you. Ideally sprinkled over steaks,

The Good Thymes – Spicy Zaatar

12.00 USD
Awake your senses to a tangy fusion of your favorite za’atar flavors fevering with piquant peppers and cooling mint. The

The Good Thymes – Zaatar with Nuts

12.00 USD
A perfectly balanced mix of Lebanese Za’atar and our all-time favorite nuts. Rich in heart-healthy omega-3, proteins and vitamins, the

The Good Thymes – Sea salt with Zaatar and herbs

4.00 USD
Marrying the best of the tangy and the salty, the Sea Salt Za’atar is a must-have jar for a Mediterranean

The Good Thymes – Distilled Zaatar Water

13.00 USD
Distilled water made with local, natural za’atar. All your body needs are some drops of this healing water. Spray the

The Good Thymes – A set of 8 Zaatar mixes

25.00 USD
Whether you are invited to lunch or you want to share the taste of Lebanon with your loved ones, this

The Good Thymes – Zaatar with Superfoods

12.00 USD
Only when you are about to believe that healthy and savory cannot go together does this wholesome za’atar combination prove

The Good Thymes – Mix of herbs

8.00 USD
Eleven natural herbs make the ideal tea to your soul and body. Rich in antioxidants and digestive properties, the Herbal