Be Home – Forged Serving Set

66.00 USD
Forged Gold Serving Set of 2, 8,5 x 6,5 cm Hand wash only with mild soap .Item Reference:#56388408

Emile Henry – Fondue Set

357.00 USD
Fondue Set Black 22cm 2.5L .Item Reference:#55550479

Be Home – Stoneware Saucer

11.00 USD
Stoneware Saucer, Sterling Grey, Small 11,5 x 9 cm Dishwasher and Microwave Safe .Item Reference:#55713960

Bastide – Bowl

14.00 USD
A 15 cm bowls from the Kuro collection, suitable for various purposes such as serving food, decorating, or storage. These

Be Home – Glass Pitcher

56.00 USD
Pebble Glass Globe Pitcher 1,6 L | 14 x 19 x 19 cm Hand wash only with mild soap .Item

Be Home – Set of 4 Spoons

35.00 USD
Gold Thin Spoons, Set of 4, 10 cm Hand wash only with mild soap .Item Reference:#56395965

Be Home – Flatware Set Of 5

73.00 USD
Rosé Flatware, Set of 5 .Item Reference:#55682827

WMF – Utility tongs NUOVA

32.00 USD
As the name suggests, the WMF universal tongs are a universal serving utensil. Made from a single piece of metal,

Be Home – Horn Bowl

Original price was: 28.00 USD.Current price is: 22.40 USD.
Horn Bowl, Plain, Medium 10 x 2,5 cm Hand wash only with mild soap .Item Reference:#56388499

Costa Nova – Plate

24.00 USD
Dori atlantic blue dinner plate 28cm .Item Reference:#56694623

Be Home – Horn Serving Set

81.00 USD
Black Horn Serving Set, Extra Large 30,5 x 9,5 cm Hand wash only with mild soap .Item Reference:#55682652

Cristel – Knife

99.00 USD
Marttini Chef knife, blade 16cm .Item Reference:#55722466

Pols Potten – Side plates set of 6

163.00 USD
Glazed porcelain with black/silver illustrations .Item Reference:#55262208

Images D’Orient – Square Tray Andalusia – 32 cm 32cm

44.00 USD
Add a touch of elegance to your table setting with this square tray. Its versatile size and classic design make

Images D’Orient – Trivet

30.00 USD
Trivet Sejjadeh Pink .Item Reference:#28600930

Pols Potten – Roman Vase

65.00 USD
Morning Roman vase, Powder coated iron, decorative use only, not waterproof, Metal. Our Roman Vases are as authentic and as

Images D’Orient – Bottle Holder

11.00 USD
Bottle Holder Vagabonde Velours .Item Reference:#46316337

Images D’Orient – Coasters

5.50 USD
Coaster Urban 03 orchid .Item Reference:#45186814

Pols Potten – Plate

210.00 USD
Our Blue Eye Plate is a wavey, glass design dish that will effotlessly slot into your kitchen or dining room

Pols Potten – Sandglass M

77.00 USD
Glass with sand .Item Reference:#54411343

Images D’Orient – Coasters

5.50 USD
Coaster Urban Jeans .Item Reference:#39201785

Pols Potten – Teapot

151.00 USD
Glazed porcelain with gold accents .Item Reference:#54412713

Pols Potten – Wineglass Nob Amber Set 2

78.00 USD
The Wineglass Nob Amber Set, crafted from borosilicate glass, holds 350 ml per glass. Each glass measures Ø8.5 x H20

Pols Potten – Vae Roman Yellow

65.00 USD
The Vases Roman Green set, designed by Pols Potten Studio, features four vases made from matt powder-coated iron with a