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Ikks – Ecru Embroidered Top

74.00 USD
Ethnic style without going overboard, the ecru top combines linen fabric and Atebas embroidery inspired by Brazilian bracelets. .Item Reference:#BY10515

Ikks – Satin Top With Studded Shoulders

Original price was: 139.00 USD.Current price is: 111.20 USD.
Love the satiny fabric of this women’s top in a powerful, feminine dark purple colour. Studs on the shoulders add

Ikks – Gold Lurex Knit Draped Top

129.00 USD
Shine. That’s what defines this flowing gold top from the Pure Edition capsule. The draping on the front adds a

Ikks – Sailor-Stripe T-Shirt, Embroidered Skull

Original price was: 84.00 USD.Current price is: 58.80 USD.
IKKS gets carried away with the rock vibe and redesigns the sailor stripe on a T-shirt, with cobalt blue on

Ikks – Cotton T-Shirt, Diamante Palm Photo

Original price was: 74.00 USD.Current price is: 51.80 USD.
Azure blue sky, palm trees, and diamanté for an organic cotton T-shirt that makes you want to get away for

Ikks – T-Shirt With Embroidered Rock Leopard Slogan

Original price was: 84.00 USD.Current price is: 58.80 USD.
Confirm your style in this super-soft viscose and linen T-shirt, with an exclusive leopard rock print running over it, boosted

LIU JO – Mesh Long Sleeves Jumper

Original price was: 219.00 USD.Current price is: 153.30 USD.
Elevate your casual wear with this mesh long sleeves jumper, offering both style and comfort. .Item Reference:#TA4109 MS015

LIU JO – Mesh Top

219.00 USD
Add a touch of edginess to your look with this mesh top, perfect for layering or wearing alone for a

LIU JO – Jersey Top With Logo

Original price was: 99.00 USD.Current price is: 79.20 USD.
Showcase your style with this trendy jersey top featuring a chic logo design. .Item Reference:#TA4269 JS003

LIU JO – Cropped Hoodie

Original price was: 184.00 USD.Current price is: 128.80 USD.
Add a trendy touch to your athleisure look with this cropped hoodie, ideal for pairing with high-waisted bottoms. .Item Reference:#TA4177

LIU JO – Loose T-Shirt

Original price was: 134.00 USD.Current price is: 93.80 USD.
Enjoy ultimate comfort with this loose T-shirt, perfect for a relaxed yet stylish look. .Item Reference:#TA4181 J4660

LIU JO – Oversized Blouse

Original price was: 279.00 USD.Current price is: 195.30 USD.
Make a statement with this oversized blouse, perfect for a relaxed yet sophisticated look. .Item Reference:#CA4345 T5525

Ikks – T-Shirt Sleeveless Sweater With Eyelets & Studs

104.00 USD
The black fine-knit T-shirt gets rid of its sleeves. Grey metal eyelets and studs run over the neckline and shoulders

LIU JO – Embroidered Denim Shirt

Original price was: 314.00 USD.Current price is: 219.80 USD.
Add a touch of elegance to your casual wardrobe with this embroidered denim shirt. .Item Reference:#UA4184 D4885

Ikks – Knit Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Original price was: 149.00 USD.Current price is: 119.20 USD.
The little black T-shirt looks more refined with diamanté voile added to the shoulders. Thumbs up to the loose fit

Ikks – Leopard Detail Shirt

Original price was: 159.00 USD.Current price is: 111.30 USD.
The shirt rocks. 1. It’s black. 2. It has leopard print details on the collar, shoulders and inside the cuffs.

Ikks – One Shoulder Top

Original price was: 124.00 USD.Current price is: 99.20 USD.
Play along with this asymmetric top. It’s in a black knit and dares to draw the eye to your shoulders,

Ikks – T-Shirt With Pretty Beads

Original price was: 104.00 USD.Current price is: 83.20 USD.
The black cotton modal T-shirt is comfy and feminine looking gorgeous with a zebra-motif bead design. A piece from the

Ikks – Organic Cotton T-Shirt, Snake & Embroidery

Original price was: 79.00 USD.Current price is: 63.20 USD.
This V-neck short-neck T-shirt has an obvious rock vibe. It has a snake print on the front, with bead embroidery.

Ikks – T-Shirt With Embroidered Skull And Diamante

84.00 USD
There’s the charcoal grey colour with a faded effect. The raw cut edges are clean and slightly rolled at the

LIU JO – Dropped Shoulder Crop Top

Original price was: 184.00 USD.Current price is: 147.20 USD.
Stay effortlessly stylish with this dropped shoulder crop top, perfect for a relaxed, chic look. .Item Reference:#MA4397 T3762

LIU JO – Dropped Shoulder Top

Original price was: 174.00 USD.Current price is: 121.80 USD.
Embrace relaxed sophistication with this dropped shoulder top, perfect for casual chic looks. .Item Reference:#MA4013 MS99E

LIU JO – Classic Blouse

Original price was: 249.00 USD.Current price is: 174.30 USD.
A timeless piece, this classic blouse offers versatility for any occasion. .Item Reference:#MA4148 T3848

LIU JO – Print T-Shirt

Original price was: 94.00 USD.Current price is: 65.80 USD.
Add a fun touch to your casual wardrobe with this trendy print T-shirt, ideal for everyday wear. .Item Reference:#MA4333 J5904