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Ikks – T-Shirt With Wave Image Embroidered On Back

54.00 USD
This white T-shirt might seem streamlined, with its flocked rubber Daytona Beach Florida slogan on the front. On the back

Ikks – Cotton T-Shirt With Lion-Guitar Player

29.00 USD
Sitting in an armchair, in the middle of palm trees, the lion-head guitarist revisits the organic cotton T-shirt, bang on

Ikks – Cotton Linen Bermuda Shorts

69.00 USD
The boys’ Bermuda shorts are made in a cotton-linen blend, with a timeless, understated beige colour. The adjustable waist means

Ikks – Image T-Shirt With Crest Print Inside

39.00 USD
How do you get the faded look of this boys’ white T-shirt? By printing a crest image on the inside!

Ikks – Reversible Windcheater With Rock Motif

99.00 USD
The windcheater also has a reversible option. Black nylon with a rock slogan or beige nylon, it can be turned

Ikks – Striped Occasionwear Suit Jacket

114.00 USD
The boys’ suit jacket for special occasions has a new summer style. The beige has thin stripes through it, and

Ikks – Nylon Parka With Print On Back

139.00 USD
This is THE parka stylish boys will take with them all season long, with nylon and a slogan print on

Ikks – Cargo Bermuda Shorts With Elasticated Waist

69.00 USD
As summer’s coming up, swap cargo trousers for cargo Bermuda shorts. They’re still khaki, with an elasticated waist for max

Ikks – Denim Bermuda Shorts With Elasticated Waist

74.00 USD
The stylish side of denim and the comfy side of an elasticated waist. Grey denim Bermuda shorts, redesigned to be

Ikks – Denim Jacket With Detachable Hood

124.00 USD
A hood signs a cool look for any occasion. It’s been redesigned in ecru sweatshirt fabric and gets comfy on

Ikks – Denim Bermuda Shorts With Elasticated Waist

49.00 USD
Waterless denim, faded using less water, a grey colour and elasticated waist with cords to tie: total thumbs up to

Ikks – Denim Bermuda Shorts With Elasticated Waist

49.00 USD
What’s knitlook denim? Denim known for how comfy it is. What’s waterless? Fading using less water. Bermuda shorts big and

Ikks – Striped Occasionwear Suit

89.00 USD
Beige, a crinkled effect, striped motifs, suit trousers are at all special occasions. We like the adjustable waist and hook

Ikks – Striped Occasionwear Suit Bermuda Shorts

74.00 USD
Thinking about special occasion outfits in advance, swap trousers for suit Bermuda shorts. Beige, with thin stripes, they go with

Ikks – Short

64.00 USD
Dress your young gentleman in style with these boy shorts from IKKS Kids, featuring a classic design and durable construction

Ikks – T-Shirt

49.00 USD
IKKS redesigns the sailor-stripe top, making it a T-shirt with black stripes on an ecru background. We love the patch

Ikks – Denim Jacket

89.00 USD
The boys’ denim jacket has been redesigned with a clean style and a knitlook fabric, which makes the denim more

Ikks – T-Shirt With Rock Drawings

29.00 USD
With guitars, tigers, palm trees, and lightning bolts, the boys take on IKKS’ Rock n’ Cool with this ecru T-shirt.

Ikks – Organic Cotton T-Shirt With Tiger-Sailor Image

29.00 USD
Dressed in a beret and an iconic pea jacket, the tiger thinks it’s a sailor on this boys’ T-shirt. Shades

Ikks – Blazer

159.00 USD
– White Label Capsule – Boys navy suit trousers – Suit collar, long sleeves – One chest pocket with flowery

Ikks – Suit Pants

109.00 USD
Navy suit trousers are a great formal piece for adding a smart edge. Imagine your boy wearing them with a