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Cristel – Glass Lid 36 cm Platinum

74.00 USD
This 36 cm platinum glass lid by Cristel is designed to fit large pots and pans, helping to retain heat

Cristel – Frypan 24 cm Exceliss

165.00 USD
The 24 cm Exceliss frypan by Cristel offers non-stick convenience in a robust stainless steel design, ideal for healthy cooking.

Cristel – Casserole 20 cm

127.00 USD
The 20 cm casserole by Cristel is designed for larger servings, providing excellent heat retention and uniform cooking. .Item Reference:#59755694

Cristel – Frypan 20 cm Exceliss

140.00 USD
Cristel’s 20 cm Exceliss frypan combines non-stick technology with stainless steel for effortless cooking and cleaning. .Item Reference:#59755520

Cristel – Frypan 24 cm Stainless Steel

140.00 USD
This 24 cm stainless steel frypan from Cristel provides a larger cooking surface, perfect for preparing a variety of meals.

Cristel – Set of 3 Casseroles 16-20 cm

343.00 USD
This set of three casseroles from Cristel includes 16 cm, 18 cm, and 20 cm sizes, providing versatile options for

Cristel – Stockpot 20 cm with Domed Glass Lid

165.00 USD
The 20 cm Cristel stockpot, featuring a domed glass lid, offers ample space for family-sized dishes, ensuring flavorful results. .Item

Cristel – 40 cm Wall-Mount Rail Panoply

64.00 USD
This 40 cm wall-mount rail by Cristel Panoply is perfect for keeping your essential kitchen utensils within easy reach. .Item

Cristel – 100 cm Wall-Mount Rail Panoply

99.00 USD
The 100 cm wall-mount rail from Cristel’s Panoply collection offers a stylish and practical solution for organizing your kitchen tools.

Cristel – Casserole 16 cm

101.00 USD
This 16 cm casserole from Cristel is perfect for small batches of soups, sauces, and stews, ensuring even heat distribution

Cristel – Stockpot 16 cm with Domed Glass Lid

140.00 USD
Cristel’s 16 cm stockpot comes with a domed glass lid, making it perfect for slow-cooking stews and soups while keeping

Cristel – Frypan 28 cm Stainless Steel

152.00 USD
Cristel’s 28 cm stainless steel frypan is perfect for larger families or entertaining, offering superior heat distribution and cooking performance.

Cristel – Frypan 28 cm Exceliss

178.00 USD
The 28 cm Exceliss frypan from Cristel features a non-stick coating for easy food release and cleanup, perfect for cooking

Cristel – Stockpot 18 cm with Domed Glass Lid

152.00 USD
This 18 cm stockpot from Cristel, complete with a domed glass lid, is great for cooking larger meals with ease

Cristel – 50 cm Wall-Mount Rail Panoply

69.00 USD
The 50 cm wall-mount rail from Cristel Panoply provides convenient and efficient storage for your kitchen accessories. .Item Reference:#59519173

Cristel – Frypan 20 cm Stainless Steel

114.00 USD
The 20 cm stainless steel frypan by Cristel is a versatile kitchen essential, ideal for frying, sautéing, and browning with

Cristel – Casserole 18 cm

114.00 USD
Cristel’s 18 cm casserole is ideal for medium-sized portions, offering superior cooking performance and durability. .Item Reference:#59755710

Cristel – POC – Digital Probe Thermometer

64.00 USD
The POC digital probe thermometer from Cristel ensures precise temperature readings for perfect cooking results every time. .Item Reference:#59519314

Cristel – 9-Piece Casteline Removable Handle Set

958.00 USD
The 9-piece Casteline set by Cristel features removable handles, providing flexibility and convenience for various cooking techniques. .Item Reference:#59756148

Cristel – 9-Piece Strate Removable Handle Set

852.00 USD
Cristel’s 9-piece Strate set with removable handles is perfect for space-saving storage and versatile cooking options. .Item Reference:#59756130

Cristel – 7-Piece Castel Pro Stockpot Set

756.00 USD
The 7-piece Castel Pro stockpot set by Cristel includes various sizes to handle all your culinary tasks with professional-grade quality.

Cristel – 9-Piece Castel Pro Stockpot Set

940.00 USD
This 9-piece Castel Pro stockpot set from Cristel offers an extensive range of sizes and lids, ensuring you have the