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Homeware Gift Ideas

Pols Potten – Teapot

151.00 USD
Glazed porcelain with gold accents .Item Reference:#54412713

Remember – Carpet

488.00 USD
Cambridge carpet, 160 x 230 .Item Reference:#55519649

Pols Potten – Wine glasses set of 6

228.10 USD
Coloured glass with different designs .Item Reference:#54412267

Remember – Clock

Original price was: 88.60 USD.Current price is: 70.88 USD.
Mocca wall clock, 30cm .Item Reference:#55519615

Amadeus – Lamp

Original price was: 504.40 USD.Current price is: 302.64 USD.
Suspension Atomica .Item Reference:#54661830

Be Home – Mango Wood Bowl

Original price was: 192.50 USD.Current price is: 154.00 USD.
Black Mango Wood Bowl, XL 50 x 12 cm Hand wash only with mild soap .Item Reference:#54405501

Pols Potten – Tea cups set of 4

229.00 USD
Glazed porcelain with gold accents .Item Reference:#54412606

Pols Potten – Cups set of 6

165.00 USD
Glazed porcelain with black/gold illustrations .Item Reference:#55262158